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Fundação Getulio Vargas

FGVFGV - Getulio Vargas Foundation - is a private, non-profit institution that was founded on December 20th 1944, and since then has aimed to contribute to the intellectual development of the country. FGV gathers various excellence schools and important research and documentation centers that deal with economy, public and private administration, as well as Brazilian history.

Over the last 60 years of experience, FGV has generated and transmitted knowledge, has given technical help to organizations and has contributed to raise a sustained and competitive Brazilian nation within the international scenario.

FGV Management Program

FGV ManagementThe FGV Management Program was devised in 1999 as a continuous education program to perform, distribute and administrate post-graduation (lato sensu) courses of programs that are currently developed within the various FGV units throughout Brazil. FGV headquarters are settled in Rio de Janeiro and from there its Management Program supplies the Brazilian market with modern post-graduation programs (specialization, enhancing and updating levels) and the so-called MBAs.

The Mission of the FGV Management

The FGV Management Program aims to graduate executives from private, government and third-party companies. The program also supplies such executives with the necessary tools so that they can develop their own potential and add value to the companies where they work, thus enhancing the development of the surrounding region throughout several market segments.

Due to the academic and professional experience of all professors that teach at the FGV Management Program, our courses match theory and practice on a balanced basis, and allow students to quickly incorporate skills and knowledge that had been previously obtained in class into their routine company life.

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